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Quicken subscription
Version 6.0.3 (Build 600.37136.100) macOS 10.13.6
Weekly I have to go in, deactivate all my accounts, download manually and then Link to the correct accounts. A week later I get the download error, I click resolve, I re-enter my user name and password, it fails and I get the "did you mis-type your sign-in info" message, back to deactivating all my accounts. - repeat. It is not a bank log in issue, I have no problem going online accessing the accounts and downloading the data.


  • Quicken Anja
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    edited January 2021
    Hello @porthole,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    If you haven't already, I suggest deactivating the accounts and removing saved keychains before reactivating. This way, upon reactivating your accounts, "new" login credentials can be stored fresh in the Keychain Access app. To do so, first, please check and make sure you do not have any hidden accounts that may be connected to this financial institution.
    1. Navigate to the Accounts menu and choose Hide and Show Accounts
    2. Uncheck any accounts with this specific financial institution that are checked as hidden in Lists
    After that, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.
    1. Deactivate all accounts associated with this financial institution (if they aren't already deactivated as well as any accounts that were previously hidden if there were any)
    2. Quit Quicken
    3. Open Finder and navigate to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access app
    4. On the left panel in the Keychain Access app, set the Keychains to Login and the Category to Passwords
    5. Search for the financial institution's name in the top-right search field and delete any entries found showing "Quicken password for [your financial institution username] at [financial institution name] "
    6. Quit the Keychain Access app and reopen Quicken
    7. Navigate to Accounts > New and choose the appropriate account type for the accounts that you previously deactivated (if there are more than one account type then choose Checking)
    8. At the bottom of the window showing the list of the financial institutions, click on the "My bank is not listed" question mark icon, then click Update List
    9. Wait for the list to finish updating and Updated: " displays the current date.
    10. Click the Show List button to continue
    11. Use the search field at the top of the list to find and select your financial institution and click Continue
    12. Follow the prompts to sign in using your login credentials associated with the financial institution
    13. If the accounts have been found successfully-- use the dropdown menus to link each account to the appropriate account in Quicken
    Let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Anja
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  • porthole
    porthole Member
    I followed all of the above (which I have done before) and we'll see.
  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    @porthole thanks for the update and trying those steps! 

    If the issue does still reoccur, please don't hesitate to reach back out. 

    -Quicken Anja
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