When will Quicken 2021 be available, it's long overdue?


  • splasher
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    The idea of "2020" versus "2021" is now pure marketing under the Quicken Subscription business model.
    Updates are continuous under subscription, so changing the year doesn't mean anything.
    The only reason for the year designation on the retail packaging is so the you "know" when the activation code in the package "might" expire.  Activation codes have a two year life from the day they are generated.
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  • grethers
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    I'm aware of your comments, but a support person told us that a major update, the equivalent of the "2021" changes would be released this month for Quicken Deluxe 2020 users, two weeks ago, and I'm frustrated to find out when that will occur?
  • Chris_QPW
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    "Quicken Subscription" constantly sends out updated versions when available.  Therefore the "year" doesn't matter any more.  No matter if you installed starting in 2018 or installed today, you would still have the current version.  Which BTW is R30.21 (Help -> About Quicken).
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    The whole point of the "Subscription" is not have a "major update" like was done in the past.  What happened in the past was that about the April timeframe they would stop putting out changes to the current version, and start working in the next year's version.  Which would include any major features they wanted to do.  And that would come out in about October.  The major problem with this model is that when you make major changes to a program and release it all at once instead just adding incrementally you end up with major problems to go with it.

    Quicken support might know something that Quicken Inc isn't telling us about some new features coming out, that would be Quicken Inc's style since they seldom pre-announce new features, but new features have been coming out all along.

    In the last few months there has been the Dashboard on the Investing tab, the Simple Mode investing, and they have started switching from the old FDS connection method to the new QCS connection method for Express Web Connect.

    Quicken Subscription has had quite a few changes since last year.  Just look at the release notes.
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    Oh and left out the terrible change over from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager.  Isn't that enough "major pain" for you?
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    Not to mention, that in About Quicken, still states 2020 and the Copyright Date is still 2018.
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