How do I change the account type?

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    Quicken labeled an account as "brokerage" but it is 403b and when I right click to edit, the type of account cannot be changed. Is this still the case?
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    Try first setting the account to tax deferred.
    After that you should be able to convert it into a 403b.
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  • I cannot change an account from loan to checking. Does anyone know why? Is this a glitch or what? Thank you.
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    I believe it is a glitch in the current release of Quicken. I believe you need to disconnect your account from downloading, then change the type, and then re-connect it. If I'm not saying that correctly, hopefully someone will jump in to correct me.
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  • I have tried everything. I deleted the account. When I go back into the bank to download the correct account, it is labeled a loan and it will not let me change it to checking. I guess I am not understanding how to change the type? There are no tools that seem to allow me to do that. Thank you.
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    I missed focusing on the types of accounts you're describing. Usually mismatched accounts are of the same type, like an investment account which should be a retirement investment account, or a savings account which should be a checking account. This information is coming from your financial institution, so you may need to hunt down with them why their downloads are describing your account as a loan.

    That said, there's a way…  First, make a backup of your file in case anything goes wrong. Second, disable this account from being connected for downloads. Now, if you double-click the loan in the left sidebar, it will open the Loans window. On the far right side, under the balance, click the gear icon. This opens the Account Settings screen. On the 4th line down, it shows Type-Loan, and it's grayed out so you can't change it, right? Just to the right of that, there'a a Convert to Liability button. Click that, and the subsequent warning that you're going to lose the loan details. Now you have a standard liability account. Click the gear icon in the bottom toolbar, again opening the Account Settings window. Now, you can change the Type from Liability to Checking. Once that's done, you can try re-enabling this for downloads from your financial institution, and seeing if it remains a checking account next time Quicken downloads and transactions. 

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  • :) SOLVED Thank you for your time, advice and patience. I hate it when things don't work correctly.
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