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Quicken matching downloaded transactions to very old reconciled ones instead of current (Q Mac)

shannh10 Member ✭✭
For the past couple of months, Quicken has matched some downloaded transactions to very old reconciled ones instead of the current. For instance, I have a monthly transfer of $414 from my checking to savings account. I have it entered as a recurring transaction. Today, the actual $414 downloaded from my bank, and Quicken deleted the current $414 and instead matched it to a transfer in February 2020, which had already been matched and reconciled. Obviously, this threw all my balances way off. This first happened just once every week or so. Now it's happening on 3-4 transactions per day.

I went through Support chat to get help. The agent did not speak English well and did not understand my problem at first. Then his/her suggestion was to restore a backup from 6 months ago and start over from there. That would be WEEKS worth of work for me to update all my notes on all of those transactions, redo my budgets, etc. I have 35 accounts. Any other ideas before I jump, crying and gnashing my teeth, into that workload?


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