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3 Damaged Transactions Will Not Go Away

I have Quicken Premier 2020 vR31.5 []; however, this problem has spanned at least two version years and uncountable updates. I have three problem transactions:

a. one is a check, in the checking account
b. one an atm, in the checking account
c. one a direct deposit, in the savings account

Once deleted, these three transactions do not STAY deleted. :s

Upon reopening my data file, they return. They come back despite having been reconciled 18 months ago. The only thing the transactions have in common is they are all from the same date in July 2019.

I have tried to VOID them [get an error saying the record is damaged, and it must be deleted], Cut them, Delete and Edit them. I have tried changing the amount, but it won't let me. Remarkably, I was successful in Moving them to another account. I was allowed to change the amounts and deleted all three while showing $0 in the new account. But…you guessed it. The next time I opened my data file, they were right back in checking and savings.

One Step Update will freeze if I don’t delete the transactions before running an update. So, I delete all three each time I open the file. They will stay deleted for that session, and I can utilize the other program's functions without issue, including running a file backup. But the next time the file is opened, the same three transactions are right back where they were, in July 2019, for the same amounts they originally showed. It’s like they are damaged but immune to any change.

I have gone through all the steps to ensure the data file’s integrity and the repair and diagnostic tools report my file has “No Issues.” I have been using Quicken forever. But the current file only goes back to 2003.

Is there a way to get into the data file with a program like Notepad++ and manually edit out the transaction data? Has anyone dealt with anything similar?

I’m at a loss…? :/