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After I sync my quicken, all the memorized transactions associated with my Scheduled Transactions are no longer linked, The scheduled transaction groups still appear but none of the groups have any linked transactions. If I do not sync Quicken all is well. Once I say yes sync Quicken and then exit the above problem starts. Help.


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    Hello @SedonaBob

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having.  I'm wondering here if we may be having issues with the mobile sync potentially but I'm not sure here. If you wouldn't mind could we test it out by turning it off if you have it on. To do so you can go across the top to edit > preferences > mobile & web > Sync off. 

    Once you get a chance to try this let us know if this helps you out. If not please also let us know how long this has been happening and any additional details you may have.


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  • SedonaBob
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    Tried your sync off suggestion. It did not work. Also tried resetting cloud data. It also did not work. As soon as it re-synced the data, the same problem occurred. Have been successfully using scheduled transactions for decades with no problems. This current problem started about 2 months ago. I cannot explain why. If I exit Quicken without syncing there is no problem. As soon as I sync the problem starts immediately. Most times all scheduled transactions are affected, Sometimes one or two may be unaffected. Thanks for help.
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    Thanks for the update. I'm wondering then here what exactly is affecting the scheduled transactions. If you wouldn't mind could we make a copy of one of your scheduled transactions and see if we experience the same issue as the older ones as well. Once you get the chance to test this let us know if you experience the same issue. 

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    I do not know how to copy a scheduled transaction. Please advise. For example, I have a 1st of the month group consisting of 5 bills that I pay each month. I have all 5 transactions as memorized transactions. I then set up this group as a scheduled group to be paid the 1st of each month and link these 5 memorized transactions to the group. All is well until I then sync my quicken to the cloud. As soon as this is done the scheduled group remains but the previously linked memorized transactions are no longer linked. I must then edit the group to re-link the memorized transactions. If I do not sync but merely exit quicken, when I return all is well everything is still linked. Something is happening when the syncing takes place. Hope this better explains the problem.
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    Hello @SedonaBob

    Thank you for the response and the additional details, I have one more step to try.

    Please go into the One Step Update Settings and see if you have the option to "Sync to the Quicken Cloud" checked.

    If this is checked, please uncheck this option and see if this resolves the issue.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • This suggestion seems to be working.
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    I stumbled upon this while looking for a solution to an issue I am having.

    This is just my personal opinion but if we are paying for all of these options (cloud sync, mobile, etc), the "fix" should not be to forego use of said option. While it is helping the user in the short-term, if something happens to his computer, he will no longer have the ability to download his information from the cloud.

    @Quicken_Tyka this isn't a personal attack, just tagged you bc you responded. Couldn't tag Quicken Francisco too though.
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    @Cateye112 there have been other reports of this issue:

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    I am not sure why all the moderators do not structure their names to make them easily tag-able. 

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