Transfers between accounts only record one side

I continue to have problems with Quicken that the support line don't seem interested in resolving for me. When I record a transfer between accounts (ie Bank Account to Investment Account) only one side of the transaction is registered. This makes the Quicken program useless for me and I may need to abandon all my previous information and seek a new software.


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    Can you show us a picture, from your bank account, of such transaction?
    Also, please do TOOLS, Account List , click EDIT adjacent to the investment account and post a picture of the Account Details dialog, blurring out your account number and the like
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  • I am attempting to attach a few images as suggested, showing $ values in Chequing account but no values in Margin account.
  • Account details
  • Chq account showing amounts recorded
  • Investment account with no amounts recorded
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    Just adding instream screen images

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    The 3rd txn in your Joint Chequeing account SEEMS to correspond to the 1st txn in your TD Waterhouse account ... same date and same description.
    In the brokerage account, I can see bits of amounts to the far right ... but the entire amount isn't shown, so I can't be sure that it's the same transaction.

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  • I hope these pictures make it clearer. As an example, I have entered a $20,000 transfer from an Investment Account to a Chequing Account on April 29th. I initiated it in the Investment Account as a "XOut" and selected the Chequing Account. The other side of the transfer is shown in the Chequing Account and show $0.00 value.
    Sorry, I am not sure how to add pictures instream
    Thank you for your help!
  • Here is a picture of the Chequing account showing $0 value from the transaction.
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    Since you're using Windows there's a much better and easier way of getting screen shots than taking a photo of the actual screen.
    In the "search" feature, (little magnifying glass far left in the Task Bar), start typing "snip..." and Windows will find the "Snipping Tool" that comes along with Windows.  This tool allows you to define exactly what portion of the screen you want to capture and the captured picture is easily edited to omit personal information.  Being able to see an entire transaction (or transactions) from the "Date" column on the left to the "Balance" column on the right is a big help in diagnosing problems.
    A question: Is the "missing" transfer having an effect on the balance of the Account?  That is, can you not see the transfer transaction but the "Balance" column is being affected by the missing dollar amount?
  • Hi, thank you for the advice on snipping.
    The "Balance" is not adjusted by the missing value. So essentially it causes a one sided transaction, thus I cannot reconcile the balance in the 2nd account.
    If I edit the 2nd account to add the value it will then eliminate the value in the 1st (original) account.
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    Those latest graphics aren't of the same transaction.  In your "Joint Magin" account it shows a date of 4/29, while "Joint Chequing" shows a date of 4/30.
    A transfer should have the same date on both sides, since it's really a single transaction.
    Also, I'll suggest that the use of the Amount column, in the chequeing only causes confusion. The Payment and Deposit columns convey all of the necessary info, and are much more straightforward than trying to figure out the proper sign for the amount field.  You can hide it by clicking the Gear icon to the far right of the account name and then clicking "Register Columns" and UNchecking "Amount".
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    On your latest images, the investment account transaction appears to be a withdrawal rather than a xout.  Also, the dates do not correspond, 4/29 in the investment account and 4/30 in the checking account.  Is there a reason these transactions are different than those shown in your original camera shots?
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  • Sorry for the confusion but I was attempting to trouble shoot by changing the date and transaction types. Pictures were at different times in the trouble shooting.
    However, after many hours of trying different ways, I have now found, if I initiate the transaction from an investing account and delete the original transaction (which was an automated download transaction) it will take both sides.
    In one instance, I needed to use the "split" function to make it work.
    Obviously there is still a problem but maybe I found a work around.
    Thanks for you help
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    I am having the same problem. However if I copy over an old transaction that showed both sides it works. It is only a problem if I create a new transfer. Was there any further resolve to this? I have done both a validate and super-validate with no success
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