New 2021 update from Staples won't allow me to update says I'm not new user

Always have purchased new versions from other vendors besides Quicken and they always updated my program. Now Quicken won't allow it to update unless I buy the new update from them. Staple won't refund my purchase because it was a online downloadable update!


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    That is something new this year, a "new user" version that is being sold by some of the retailers.
    A new user is someone that is:
    1. a Quicken Id that does not have an existing subscription, OR
    2. a Quicken Id whose subscription is expired for more than thirty (30) days
    So, you have two choices, 1) create a new Quicken Id (requires a different email than existing QID) and activate the software only when the existing subscription expires since doing it earlier than that would lose some time since it will not be an extension
    use Quicken in a manual mode while you wait for the existing subscription to have been expired more than 30 days.

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    This is quite interesting.  Looking at the Staples web site, they are offering either a standard DvD or a new user download for the same price.  Buyer beware. 

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