How to fix cash balance for Brokerage accounts in register

I am using Quicken 2020 for windows , version 13.8. I have been trying to find a resolution to the following issue with no success.
In ALL brokerage accounts , the sum of all my holdings including money market holdings shows as cash balance resulting in showing my total account balance as DOUBLE.
For example: My total holding is $1000 including Money Market ( total for all positions in a particular account ) but total account shows $2000 ( In reality , account only has $1000 )
Any help from the community will be highly appreciated !! Thank you


  • Tom Young
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    The first thing to try, if you haven't already, would be a file validation.
    File > File Operations > Copy... then using the copied version do File > File Operations > Validate and Repair...  Be sure that "Rebuild investing lots" is ticked.
  • q_lurker
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    I assume you meant version R31.8.

    Second, I assume you are saying the summary at the bottom of the transaction list shows Security Value = $1000 and Cash Balance = $1000 for the Total Market Value = $2000.  Or you may be seeing this is the account overview summary with the Holdings.  Indeed, are those two sources in agreement?  What does the Cash Balance column of the transaction list show?

    How are you getting transactions entered into the transaction list - manual entry, or download from financial institution?

    What type of transactions are in the list?  I'd expect Bought, Sold, Div, etc. that each alter the cash value.  

  • yoshter
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    Sorry for the late response. Thank you for your time to review my post
    - I have version R31.12
    - I download transactions from financial institutions ( One step update )
    - Type of transactions : Bought, Sold, Div
    - Cash balance column shows Sum of all the holdings ( stock, mutual funds, money market )
    - So my holdings shows double the value ( eg 2x instead of x )
    Hope this helps to clear up my query. Please let me know if you need some more specific info.
  • NotACPA
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    edited February 2021
    Unless the investment account uses "Show Cash in a checking account", there should be 3 values in the lower right corner of the account register,
    They're labeled "Securities Value", "Cash Balance" and "Total Market Value" ... where this last value is the sum of the prior 2.
    SO, can you isolate which of those 1st 2 values is incorrect, by comparing to your brokerage/fund statement?
    Do the number of shares/units for each security equal what's shown on the statement?  OR, is it only the Cash that's off?
    Have you reviewed prior statements to see if Q and the statements ever agreed?  When did they last agree?

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  • yoshter
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    Only the cash is off. Q and statements agree. I will try and fix the cash balance manually. Thank you
  • Jim D
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    with a linked brockerage account the cash value should be 0 in brockerage account if it does not how do you get rid of the erroneous value. all cash in linked account matches broker as well as share and dollar values shown in brockerage account register. I have a 20000 cash value shown in the casn brockerage account and quicken will not allow this value to be updated.