Can you add HSA account type

Can you add HSA account type to Mac version similar to request made in the windows version?


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    The answer given in that thread by @NotACPA  is the closest you can do I think.  I maintained HSA accounts in Quicken for my wife and me for years before we joined the Medicare set... and NotACPA's approach works fine.

    Our accounts were set up for download from the bank, and for whatever reason (checking the wrong box or something) my HSA was set up as Savings Acccount and my wife's as a Checking Account at the bank... but both flagged as HSA (it is essential that the bank flag the account properly so that the proper tax form is issued at year end).  So, I created the corresponding accounts in Quicken and excluded them from tax reports etc.  I had to manually make sure that I did not exceed the annual contribution limits, and that expenses were all valid uses of funds of course.  Not really sure what a special HSA account would do other than be automatically excluded from tax reports...

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    Can you add HSA account type to Mac version similar to request made in the windows version?

    Just for the record, yes people have made that request for a HSA account type in Windows, but it has never got one.

    I think one of the main stumbling blocks is that just because if someone says they have a HSA account you in fact don't know how the account "works".  Some HSA accounts work like savings accounts, some work like investment accounts, and some are even hybrids of the two.  You will notice in that thread one suggestion was to treat it like a 529 college savings account.  Well that makes it an investment account.  And if you look at @NotACPA's suggesting he setup his as a savings account, which of course wouldn't work if there are any securities involved.

    And then there is other implications like @MontanaKarl talks about, the limits and such.  In fact even for 401K accounts where they report them in a tax view on Quicken Windows, there isn't anything that actually limits the contributions, so features like that are "extra".
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