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After running year end copy and requesting all reconciled transactions prior to 12/31/20 be removed in the copy file I found reconciled transactions at the beginning of my checking account. They all were loan payments I received for a loan I am tracking with my daughter. I have tried changing the status on the loan payment detail screen to reconciled, but that made no difference. The situation creates a beginning balance in my checking file with the date of that first loan payment, then shows the payments received in the check register. My wish of course is to have a beginning balance prior to the oldest uncleared transaction and to not see any reconciled transactions in my current year file. I year end copy every year and have for years. I don't remember this issue when I was tracking loans I was paying on for my home, cars and such, so I am unclear as to why this would be happening. I waited on hold for thirty minutes to talk to Quicken support, but they were not able to help.


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    Hello @Craig Christiansen

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. I was thinking of what exactly is happening but it's difficult to visualize.  If you could add a couple of screenshots that will help illustrate the issue a bit better. I'll leave steps below on how to do so.

    Note you may need to also add the photo by dragging it into the response box as well.

    Once we have a screenshot we'll see what we can find and I'll see what we can do next.


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  • Thank you for your reply Quicken Fransisco. Here are some screen shots that I hope may answer your request. The loan register shows the the transactions in my asset account that tracks the loan to my daughter. You might notice these transactions are not reconciled. I have tried to do the year end copy with them reconciled and not but the results in the check register are the same. The Check Register shows the reconciled loan deposits in the current file after year end copy. This in spite of my choosing to have only unreconciled transactions dated after 1/1/2021 in the new year file. As you can see (hopefully at least) the beginning balance for this account is dated in the prior year and the loan payments posted into the checking account are there.
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    You said in your original post:
    I have tried changing the status on the loan payment detail screen to reconciled, but that made no difference. 
    But in this screenshot it shows none of the transactions in the loan account have been reconciled.

    It isn't much of a surprise because all of the transactions for manual accounts usually happen in the checking account and the loan account just gets one side of a transfer.  But for Year End Copy both sides of the transaction have to be reconciled before Quicken will remove that transaction.

    Reconciling loan accounts are "strange".  If you go to that account and type Ctrl+R you will get this:

    Certainly not what one might expect.  What's more even if you enter a number there all it is going to do it put in a new transactions and only that transaction will be marked reconciled.

    So what you need to do is select the first transaction in the register.  And then hold down the shift key and right click on the last transaction.  This will select all the transactions and bring up the context menu.  From that menu select Reconcile status -> Reconciled
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  • Chris, thank you for your answer. I am almost embarrassed to say that worked. I say that because I truly thought I had tried it both ways with the same results both times. In fact, in my mind I tried it more than once with the same results. But today I tried it and it worked just as it should, so maybe I was dreaming about reconciling it before. Not really, I can remember doing it. I have been using Quicken since the DOS version about 2.0 I think, so you would think I would have been able to figure this on my own. Having said that I appreciate you taking time to set me straight. :)
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