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    I keep having similar problems (for 4-6 weeks).  I delete all my online credentials and then set up my accounts again (more times than I can count).  Then everything on the desktop will work until I go online and try to enter a transaction.  Online I will receive error messages telling me certain accounts won't update and that I need to delete my synch file and credentials to restart over (see photo of error message). 

    I delete my synch file and everything on the desktop works again.  I have had Quicken stop periodically stop downloading transactions to my Quicken file, so I disable the synch function for a few days, delete the file again and then restart synch again.

    I even at one point kept getting a reference ID error every time I would synch data; at least that has stopped for now.  

    Everything seems to have something to do with the synch to the New Online Platform.  I would stop using the online synch all together, but it is the only way for my wife to track her expenses.

    I've reported the problem and sent the files requested customer service weeks ago but haven't heard back. 

    Very frustrated because the problem hasn't been solved after over a month.     
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    This is the EXACT same issue as mentioned in this thread:

    There is yet to be a solution or even any communication from Quicken that they're even looking into the problem, nor have they indicated that they've found a solution or even a workaround. This has been a recurring problem ever since Quicken moved to their "improved cloud service", which is DEFINITELY NOT improved!!! And this is a problem that they have known about for over 3 months (nearly 4 months now)! If they need further information, then why don't they reach out to 3 or 4 different users here on the Community that have reported this exact problem and ask them to send sanitized copies of their files, and see if there are any similarities between files.
  • Once again this morning my accounts that I've been able to synch (not all accounts just a select few) started through a referenced ID error again.  When will this be solved so I can synch all my accounts to web and mobile device?  It has been over 2 months I have been constantly batting synch issues.
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