Issues downloading USAA files

I downloaded my USAA accounts, following the new instructions except when I downloaded the files, new accounts were created instead of synchronizing with the existing accounts. I tried deleting the new accounts and downloading the accounts again matching my account names with the names on USAA. That did not work. I don't know what to do next. How do I correct my mistake?


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    Need more details on "That didn't work" to be able to help on that.

    Also there is another approach that can be taken if you created a new account instead of linking.  Instead of going back and trying to link it, you can move the missing transactions from the old account to the new one, and just delete the old account.
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken
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    USAA's recent transition has gone poorly.  When I downloaded my transactions, after following the directions, the count of my accounts after the update did not match the number of my accounts prior to the update.  I can still see the accounts on the USAA App. However, I am unable to get two of the accounts to download to Quicken.  After holding for over 25 minutes on the USAA "Customer Service" line i decided to see if this community could help.  Guidance/Thoughts?
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    My status is one in which my spouse is a separate USAA member who exclusively owns a few accounts (vs. joint ownership), those spouse-owned accounts had to be activated separately.

    I chose one of my spouse's accounts & started Quicken's activation routine for the spouse accounts; at that point in Quicken, where one clicks on the link to get USAA's Access ID & PIN, I was presented with different credentials to access my spouse's accounts.

    If multiple USAA member accounts is not your situation, I believe I read in this forum that not only must one delete the institution name in the account details, but also the bank account number. In my case, deleting the account number was not done or needed; USAA presented Quicken with my list of about 10 accounts, most of which had been correctly linked; I had to adjust the drop-down box choice to link a couple of them.

    All this was about 3 days ago for me; syncing/downloading is working correctly for me without reported errors of confusing deposits & payments. In the past couple of days, a few transactions have not downloaded until after the next day vs. how they used to come down from USAA on the next day. The Quicken comments field is now being filled with the account name. I don't like that but it's an easy edit.

    Best wishes & good luck.
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