Account Increase and Decrease Issue post Upgrade R31.12

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Among the issues I am experiencing after the R31.12 update, my escrow holding account set up in Property & Debt, reversed/flipped all the "increases" and "decreases" since its inception (2015). This is linked to a loan account and the "increases" are transfered in from my mortgage account. Neither account is connected to online services. Hoping there is a way to fix this without correcting manually.


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    Hello @jillrc

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. If you wouldn't mind could we get a screenshot of what exactly is happening. This will give us a better idea of what is happening in-between the accounts. From there we'll see what we're able to do.


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    Balances in an Escrow account, which is usually just a Checking or Savings type account in Q, are normally BLACK.  What color is your Balance column?
    Also, the Increases into the accounts is normally a part of your overall mortgage payment (which also includes the Interest component and a transfer to your Loan account which reduces the loan principal).
    SO, how do you have your payments set up?

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    I found the issue. The "increases" and "decreases" didn't swap, the recent update wiped out all the transfers in the splits from the associated mortgage account payments. The amounts were there but the Catagory line item [transfers] in the splits were deleted. I reassigned each transfer in the mortgage payment and the escrow account reconciled.
    The same thing happened with a separate mortgage account (no escrow) and showed it as being paid in full. I was able to recreate this account fairly easily.
    This release has caused some of the largest issues for me in over 25 years of painful Quicken updates. VERY disappointing!
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