How to enter Pfizer spin-off of a company called Viatris (VTRS).

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I have tried to enter the new shares issued to no avail?? any one out there with a suggestion.

I also have GE as a shareholding- I sold 100 a few years back- In the holdings it shows GE but when I input GE to sell- it will not accept the sale- have lived with this issue for years. enough. When you input the sale and then the symbol-GE does not show yet it is there in the holdings-insane.


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    See this thread on this forum found by searching for Viatris.

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    Hi @gerryl9

    On your first issue, yes - Pfizer has a non-taxable spin-off of Viatris Inc. on 11/17/20.  Here's a link to a discussion about recording this spin-off in Quicken - LINK.

    On the second issue - are you getting an error code?  If you haven't already done this, I suggest you consider validating your Quicken datafile.  Here's a link to guidance on how to validate your file- LINK.

    Let me know how things go.


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    GE -- In the Security list, is General Electric a 'hidden' security?  What is the security type for your GE security?