Being able to Assign all my Medical Categories to match areas on Schedule A

On the Schedule 'A' there are Items for entering Medical Aids and Devices and Lab Tests. I have setup Categories for these items, but when I pull my reports it is had to include them in a report because I can't associate the Categories for these items to Tax line Items.

Also, how do you enter Mileage on a Doctors Visit?


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    The tax lines for any category, or sub-cat, can be set by doing TOOLS, Category List, clicking the cat/sub-cat name and then clicking the (very faint) Clock icon to the far right of that line.
    Click EDIT and then Tax Reporting.
    Save your work and then repeat for the others.
    re: Mileage, I use Q's long abandoned "Medical Expense Manager" to track all of my medical invoices, EOB results and payments that I make ... along with Mileage.
    So, only my payments (including any insurance premiums) are recorded in Q.  E.G, only actual income and expenditures are in Q ... not mileage.
    Quicken Inc no longer sells the Medical Expense Manager ... but you might see if you can find a copy on eBay.
    If you buy it, you'll be buying Release 1.  A release 2 is available, and I can direct you to that when needed.
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    Unfortunately, the number of tax line items available for use within Quicken is not a complete representation of what is available with most tax programs.  Then, again, Quicken is not a tax program so I guess we shouldn't expect that it be one.  It does include those line items that are perhaps most commonly used but less commonly used tax line times tend not to be available.  Specific to your situation, the tax line items are not included in Quicken.
    What I do is the same as you did:  Set up the medical expense categories you did but I then associated them to "Schedule A:  Doctors, dentists, hospitals".  These expenses will then show up properly in the Tax Schedule and Tax Summary reports.  In Tax Planner they will show up lumped together with all other deductible Medical expenses. 
    Regarding Medical Mileage:  Quicken does not have a direct way to capture this.  You could:
    • Create a category or subcategory for Medical Mileage and associate it with the tax line item for "Schedule A: Medical travel and lodging".
    • Set up a manual Cash Account....maybe calling it Misc Medical Expenses.
    • Calculate the $ value(s) for the Medical Mileage.
    • Manually enter transaction(s) in that Cash Account for your calculated Medical Mileage expenses.
    By doing it this way it will be captured properly in the tax reports and will also show up in Tax Planner lumped together with all other deductible medical expenses.  But for me this is too much effort and doesn't provide enough detail to easily support an IRS audit.  So, I simply keep track of medical mileage expenses in an Excel file because I can easily enter the other needed information that the IRS might want to see in the event of an audit, such as, date, who, starting location, ending location, starting mileage, ending mileage, etc., as well as adding in other misc medical travel expenses like tolls, parking, etc.

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