No convenient way to track company Stock Plan in 2021?

Five hours into rebooting Quicken to track and budget in 2021, and it's starting to look like a regrettable decision. I have a few investment accounts at Etrade, one of which is a company stock plan containing restricted stock units (RSU).

Yes, I can somewhat easily connect Quicken to Etrade. The company stock plan however does not even show up! I scanned a whole bunch of posts going back several years, and I have learned that this is not a priority, and there does not seem to be an easy or even manual (
Explain Like I'm Five) solution :( .

What's the status here? Worst case, we need a way to keep the vested total updated.


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    Use the search box, at the top of the home page, to search for RSU.  There's a LOT of discussions re: this topic.
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    A NonQualified Stock Option, (which Quicken does account for), and an RSU are both Non-statutory options.  Mechanically the difference between the two styles of options are:
    1. With a NQSO you can choose to exercise them, or not, after they vest, and if you do decide to exercise them you need to pay the employer the exercise price.
    2. With RSUs when they vest the stock is yours, with no cash needed on your part.
    The similarity between the two is that when you exercise a NQSO or when an RSU vests you must recognize as compensation the difference between what you paid to get the stock ($0 for an RSU) and the "fair market value" of all stock that you exercised or that vested..  Both NQSOs and RSUs can have vesting requirements, including vesting in tranches over time.
    So one approach is to tell Quicken that the RSU grant is a NQSO.  The last time I tried this Quicken won't accept $0 as the exercise price and I expect it still won't.  But you can enter the smallest possible exercise price which I recall was $.000001, which just doesn't materially affect the outcome. 
    When the RSU vests you tell Quicken you "exercised" your NQSO for that .000001 cent.
    Your (correct) setup of the option should mimic exactly what's going on in the real world.
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    For as long as I had Employee Stock Option Plans in the past, with E*Trade as the broker, a separate logonID and password were required to access E*Trade Optionslink accounts. In Quicken, one accessed these accounts just like your personal or IRA accounts through Quicken E*Trade as the Financial Institution.
    Please note: This information is from a number of years in the past and may have changed since then.
  • So I take it by this thread Quicken still cannot download linked accounts from E-Trade