Can't setup account download in current file but it does work when setup in new "test" Quicken file.

I have a new Optum Bank HSA account in my Quicken file. When attempting to setup for downloads it will not connect. Credentials are correct. Contacted Quicken Support who had me create a new (test) file and add account in there. The download link worked. Support couldn't fix this in my existing file. Anyone have experience with this? How resolved. It's crazy to think it works in one file but not another and it cannot be fixed.


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    Do you if the bank uses Quicken Connect and/or Direct Connect. If you are trying QC and the bank does support DC, then try that (the Options button the setup dialog). But perhaps not if they charge for DC service.

    Not likely to work, but you could try to create another new Quicken account and try to connect that one.

    Finally, open menu Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services in both files and check that the Quicken ID and Cloud Account are the same in both. If so, try to Reset cloud data in the regular file.

    Those are all the ideas I have. Perhaps other will have more.
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    RickO - I don't have the ability to select Quicken Connect or Quicken Direct as they are not presented during the "download setup". All I do is select the institution, enter my credentials, and after Quicken attempts to connect - I am presented with the failure message.

    Here is a portion of the log file:
    error #1
    level: 4 (Debug = 0, Critical = 6)

    add account error

    Try again later.

    system description:
    institution login: can't setup (can't sign-in)

    But - When I did this from a new file, the connection was successful. What would be preventing this from my existing file?

    The response in the log file contains: (I have removed some data related to my login and other IDs - replaced with "(data removed)"
    "code" : 201,
    "resource" : {
    "status" : "CREATED",
    "pollingReference" : "\/institution-logins\/(data removed)\/poll",
    "id" : “(“data removed)”,
    "clientId" : “(data removed)“

    poll response:
    "status" : "OK",
    "aggregators" : [
    "isProcessing" : false
    "institutionLoginId" : “(“data removed”)”,
    "isProcessing" : false
  • Hello @KenG

    Thank you for the response and for the additional details.

    If you have not done so already, I would take a look at the steps outlined here.

    This article does state that it's for 101/103 errors but these steps may remedy the issue that you're experiencing.

    Let us know how it goes!
    -Quicken Tyka
  • KenG
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    Hi @Quicken_Tyka - Thank you for this post. I thought it sounded plausible as the message I receive states being unable to sign on. However, I deleted the password from the Mac's keychain, retried to establish a connection and it failed again. {sigh}
  • Hello @KenG

    Thank you for the response and the additional details. I would next reset the Quicken Cloud.

    Reset the cloud data through the desktop program

    1. Go to Edit Preferences Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts.
    2. Click Reset your cloud data.
    Once this been completed, do you receive any error messages to Optum, or are able to connect successfully?

    Please let us know what you find!

    -Quicken Tyka 
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