I have an account that I do not reconcile and it is out of balance. What is a simple way to balance it without reconciling it?


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    Click on the gear icon for the account you wish to balance. If there is an option for 'Update Balance', chose it. Quicken will ask you for the new/correct balance and then enter a balancing transaction.

    If 'Update Balance" is not shown, you will need to do the same thing but manually.

    Enter a new transaction. Put in an amount in the correct column that will produce the desired balance. In the Category field, put in the name of the account in brackets (i.e. [Petty Cash] ).
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    Another way to do this would be to type ctrl+R, which brings up the reconcile window.  Then select the button is this that says to Mark mark them all. And then done.  Quicken will tell you that an adjustment needs to be made, you okay it and it'll put in the balance adjustment.
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    How do I make a zero value in a register entry display as 0.00? Sometimes I have a need to enter a zero value into a register. Quicken displays it as a BLANK field. I do not want a blank field, I want to display to show 0.00 just as it does with any other amounts.
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    Sorry, but there's no known way to change that display of 0 amounts.
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