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I use Quicken on 2 separate pc's. I make my entries pc #1, backup the data file, then copy to onedrive. Get home. Copy data file from onedrive to pc#2. For the last month or so when I open the restored file, the category descriptions are changed. They tell me I can't ue Quicken on the Web for interaction with 2 PC's. How do I stop quicke from changing category descriotions


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    Not an answer to your category issue, but doing backups/restores to move your file can now cause issues.
    Several users are running into an issue with the error message 'too many datasets" when doing the restore.
    It is now suggested that you still make the backup, but rather than doing a restore, you do a copy of the .QDF file from one computer to the other.  You can do it via OneDrive like you are doing now, just don't use the backup file.
    Do not put the .QDF file in a OneDrive managed folder for syncing, you want to do a manual copy.  Putting it in a managed folder can cause different problems.

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    Actually @splasher I think you might have also hit on the category problem.

    If I understand what they are now doing with the backups, when you restore they create a new cloud data set and do some kind of syncing with it.  If that "sync" has problems for whatever reason it could be exactly what is overriding the categories in the file.
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