Cloud icon on adding attachments

In the quicken program when I download a bill / receipt to the hard drive, save it, close the app, go back to quicken , find the file in the hard drive, add it to the register line I'm working in, why is the attachment icon being shown as a cloud ?


  • pt216
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    Quicken for windows, why do I see a cloud icon when I attach a file to a transaction?
  • Chris_QPW
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    Because your attachments are being synced to the Quicken cloud account.
    Even if you don't have the option on that says to sync to Mobile/Web if you are using Express Web Connect the new "connection method" uses the same sync to sync transactions (including the attachments) between Quicken and the Quicken cloud account.  The only difference is that with the sync option off those transactions aren't made visible to Quicken Mobile/Web.

    Here is some more information on it.
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