Can I retrieve investment account data from old file before it was deleted - after being sold/transf

In an attempt to "simplify" my Quicken file for survivor/beneficiary, I transferred all funds from two accounts into a third - no problem. But - to further simplify, I deleted the accounts of the two original accounts. Now, of course, I've discarded the history, and all the investment reports are fouled up. Is there any way to retrieve the original data and move it into the new account? The deletion was 6 - 8 months ago. I have segregated and saved the original file, so it is available.



  • Sherlock
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    It certainly is possible to export the accounts from the backup you saved and import them into the current file.  The only tricky bit is reestablishing transfers between accounts.  I suggest using QIF files.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
  • Chris_QPW
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    @Quicken Sarah While looking at the link above for importing data that @Sherlock gave I notice there is out of date information in it.

    This isn't true any more for Quicken Subscription.  All account types are now available in the QIF import dialog.  It was a limitation of the of the QIF import dialog in Quicken 2017 and below.
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    I suggest you start over - restore a back up from before you did deleted the account what ever date that was. Obviously there may be other cash/bank transactions you have to re-download. Transfer as you wish to 'simplify' but this time hide the accounts do not delete them.

    They won't cause any harm hidden in the backgroud and your reports will stay intact. Open the account list Ctrl+A then click edit on the account you want to hide and click these 2 check boxes