How to share Quicken data between multiple users on a shared computer

My wife and I share a laptop, and each have our own Windows logon to that laptop. I installed Quicken and set up some data. When she logs on to that same computer (using her Windows account logon), and opens Quicken, authenticating to Quicken using my Quicken account credentials, she doesn't see the data that I set up. She adds payment accounts, which I don't see when I log on to the laptop and go back into Quicken.

Please, how do I share the same Quicken data between multiple Windows users on the same computer. Do I need to remove & re-install Quicken a special way?


  • Lou L
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    Apologies if this Q is redundant. I searched and found posts about sharing across multiple computers, but not about sharing across multiple users on the same computer.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Move the .QDF data file out of \users\lou\ (or wherever it is) into \users\public\ . Then all users of the PC will be able to see it.
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  • splasher
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    After doing as explained by Rocket, you HAVE to remember to NEVER switch between Windows users with Quicken open.  It may not end well for your data file.
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