How to migrate Q2004 data (WinXP) to more recent Quicken (Win10) version

peugeo2go Unconfirmed, Member
quicken 15 won't start in windows 10

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  • peugeo2go
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    mondo 17.4 won't run on my computer
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    I'm a little unclear what's going on. You have a new Windows 10 computer and you're trying to install Quicken 2015 on it?

    A common cause of problems installing Mondo patches is incomplete download. Consider downloading it again 

    Are you getting an error message? More details will help.

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  • peugeo2go
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    The mondo patch did run and fix the problem. Thanks much for your help.
    But now I need to convert my Q2004 files on my XP computer to Q2015 files, and when I try to backup the '04 files it says an error occurred on the last operation and Quicken must shut down. On trying again I get: The instruction at "0x041e3e19" referenced memory at "0x01c4b1a0". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program. Any suggestions on how to back it up?
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    peugeo2go said: But now I need to convert my Q2004 files on my XP computer to Q2015 files...
    It helps when we get the entire story....
    You have Q2004 running on XP -
    So, the real question is how to get Q2004 files onto a Win10 computer,
    with an installable and any runable version of Quicken.
    As mentioned above by @Sherlock - you need a few hoops to jump thru...
    [EDIT] - also updated topic title to better reflect actual Q&A

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    I think a key piece of information is to note that Quicken 2015 can open either a Quicken 2004 backup file or the "data set" directly.  It seems that the backup is failing on Quicken 2004.  That isn't a good sign hopefully the problem is only in Quicken (the program) and not the data file.

    But what you need to do is just copy all of the file that go with the data set to the new machine and open the QDF file with Quicken 2015.

    Note the "data set" is all the files that have the same name.
    If your data file is called QData then the files will be like this:

    Also if there is a Attach folder in that same folder copy it too, it has any attachments that are "in your data file".

    When you open the QDF file Quicken 2015 will convert these files to that year's format, which BTW will be to put them into one QDF files.  Since Quicken 2010, Quicken has been using a Compressed QDF file that hold the "data set" in that one file.
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