Investment Account Register/Transactions Report

Originally submitted March 1919
"When I print an investment register report, dividend reinvestment transactions report the dividend received (+cash) but does not include the shares bought (-cash) half of the transaction. Also, the beginning and ending cash balances are not correct."

The responses showed that the responders did not understand that this was not a question, but rather the reporting of a flaw in the report..

See attached file.

I hope that the attached file makes my point clearer. The line beginning "ReinvDiv" (highlighted in blue) is missing from the report.

Sherlock (April-2019): "The cash field in the investment transaction report does not represent the cash holding in the investment accounts."

Answer: The cash field in the report should equal the cash holdings in the investment accounts. The reason they are not equal is because in the past the "ReinvDiv" transactions have not been included in the report.

The amount in the Cash column is currently cash plus investments in the ReinvDiv transactions.

The amount in the "Amount Invested" column is the basis of securities not bought with reinvested dividends. The understatement of "Amounts Investment" is equal the the overstatement of the "Cash."

The "Cash + Invest" amount should/will equal the "Cost Basis" in the Portfolio Value report

Please note that the reinvested Long-term and Short-term Capital Gains Distributions transactions are handled correctly.


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