How do I transfer data from Quicken 2007 to the new subscription Quicken on new pc?

Been using Quicken 2007 until it wouldn't transfer to my new HP deskstop, even tho the data files did transfer. I have the new Quicken Deluxe, but can't load my saved data. Is there a way?

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  • reginaeleanor
    Instructions say, "you do not need to uninstall Quicken before going through this process. Installing a new version of Quicken automatically uninstalls the older version." I already installed the newest version of Quicken; will I have to uninstall it, or can I just leave it alone? I'm thinking I probably have to uninstall it in order for 2013 to be removed, just leaving the data? ???
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    I would like to know why you couldn't load your Quicken 2007 data into Quicken Subscription.  No matter what that article says, it should work.

    But to address your second question.  You need to separate the ideas of the program and the data file(s).  They are separate, when you uninstall/install Quicken it doesn't touch the data file.  Now when you run Quicken and it opens the data file it will convert it to the new format, so the data file changes at that point.

    You can't have two versions of the Quicken program installed at the same time.  What's more Quicken 2013 is most likely not going to be able to uninstall Quicken Subscription automatically.  If you want to install Quicken 2013 you will need to first uninstall Quicken Subscription.
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