Mortgage loan tied to asset - Lifetime Planner

When I sync online banking with the bank that holds our mortgage, it pulls in the loan but classifies it with an account type as "credit," and it lumps it in with our credit card balances.

I am able to change the display options on the account to "Liability" to move it down under property and debt, and was able to "link" it with our House on the Property and Debt screen.

However, in the Lifetime Planner tool, under "Loans and Debt" I am unable to select it as a mortgage. I'm assuming it is behaving that way because it is technically set up as a "credit" account type. But I don't know how it change it from that since it's automatically downloading in as that.

I'm having to manually add a Loan for the mortgage in the Lifetime Planner, but that creates a second mortgage note in my accounts.

Any help is appreciated!

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