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I am running R32.10
My category spending reports are not correct. They show dozens of duplicate transactions. These transactions are correct in my credit card account - no duplicates. The duplicates only appear in reports, and also appear in the Spending graph. For example, my credit card account shows a gasoline purchase for $100 on May 11. When I run a report, it shows two gasoline purchases for $100 on May 11. I have reinstalled Quicken and I have tried deactivate/activate the credit card account.

These duplicates appear to only occur for November and December of 2020. I can't find any duplicates before or after those two months. However it messes up my reports, including "Average spend for gas per month"

About 50% of the transactions are duplicated.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :/ :/


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    For each account where this is occurring, what is your connection type to the bank/card/etc?
    Do, TOOLS, Account List and look in the "Transaction Download" column for this info.
    Have you used Web Connect (where you log into the website and initiate the download yourself) for any of these accounts in addition to using Express Web Connect?
    Some Financial Institutions are unreliable in their generation of the 'Financial Institution Transaction ID" (FITID) which is how Q identifies duplicate transactions.  They'll generate one FITID for an Express Web Connect and a different FITID for a Web Connect (and maybe even another FITID if you download from then again).

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    You might try File > File Operations > Validate and Repair with the Validate File option selected
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