CC 502 Error: Is there a limitation of one CustomerID per bank for One Step Update?

My problem concerns connecting Quicken to my B of A accounts. I have successfully linked my checking and savings accounts for one-step updating initiated from Quicken, and for all but ONE of my credit card accounts. This one credit card is in my husband's name as primary (mine as secondary), so there is a separate CustomerID/password for this one card. I get a CC-502 error in trying to set up this remaining credit card. I am guessing that there's some restriction on having a second CustomerID/password with the same bank. I am able to push the transactions from the bank (when I am logged in as my husband) into Quicken, but I notice the Quicken dialog box will not retain my husband's CustomerID -- it reverts to my CustomerID. Is there any way to add my husband's account for auto update from Quicken (rather than logging into the account and pushing the update to Quicken)?

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