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  • Tom0369
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    I've been having this issue as well, but only with one account. My Sams Club Mastercard account has been downloading a few months worth of duplicate transactions, but only the ones actually like to purchases in the club. I'm wondering if it may have anything to do with the fact that I use their "scan and go" app for purchases made there.
  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @Tom0369

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize in the issue you're having. That is odd I'm wondering where exactly the issue is. I believe in this case it might help trying to see on a test file if we have a similar issue. This will give us a better idea of where exactly the issue is. 

    You can do so by going across the top of Quicken File > New > start from scratch > default categories > don't sync to mobile and web. Add your card again and see if you get the duplicate transaction again. 

    Once you get the chance let us know what you're able to find out. From there we'll see what we're able to do next.


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  • gworona
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    I have the same problem. One transaction is from "Sams Club 004808 Springdale Ar, Pizza Slice Combo"
    and the other one, the duplicate, "Sams Club 004808 Springdale Ar Sam's/Wal-mart Purchases" both on the same date and the same amount.
  • jacobs
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    @gworona Click on one of the transactions, and select View > Show Inspector (or Command-Option-i). Near the bottom, note the "FITID" number. This is a unique identifier number for the transaction provided by the financial institution. Now do the same for the second transaction. If they have two difference FITID numbers (which they almost certainly do), then it tells you the problem is that the financial institution is somehow sending the transaction multiple times, and Quicken has no way of knowing they should be the same. (The FITID number is how Quicken prevents the same transaction from downloading multiple times.) 
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