Can quicken for Mac convert data file to windows Data file

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Can quicken for Mac convert data file to windows Data file


  • RickO
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    Others may be able to fill in some details (I've never tried it myself), but bottom line is that no, it just doesn't work well at all to convert from QMac to QWin.
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  • jacobs
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    I also have never tried it, but my understanding is that banking account information may come across relatively well, but no investment accounts will transfer because the Quicken Windows importer was never rebuilt to handle Quicken Mac investment accounts. So if you have a Quicken Mac data file with just some checking or credit card accounts, you might be able to make the transfer, but investment accounts are a no-go. I also don't believe budgets, reports, or attachments will transfer; I don't know, but I'm guessing QuickFill and Renaming rules might to make it either, as these are relatively recent additions to Quicken Mac and I doubt Quicken Windows has been updated to import them.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    @jacobs answer is the "most correct".  Note that anything like saved reports, QuickFill, Renaming rules, budgets, ... aren't saved in the QXF that is used for this transfer so there isn't any possibility for them to go through.

    In the case of the investment data in fact it is in there and Quicken Windows even exports its investment data in the QXF file (the reason it can be transferred to Quicken Mac), but seems it has never been a priority to make the QXF importer import the investment data (even if it comes from an export on Quicken Windows).
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