Is there a way to set up/download transactions in Marcus Investing by Goldman Sachs?

This is under the Marcus Savings by GS website online.


  • Tom Young
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    According to the fidir.txt file it looks like the only information available is banking information, not investment information:
    12377    12377    12377    Marcus By Goldman Sachs    NA    ACTIVE                   BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA

  • jacobs
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    Following from the note from @Tom Young : this means that Marcus hasn't signed on with Quicken (via Intuit) to provide this service for its customers. For investments, a financial institution must provide Direct Connect connectivity, and Intuit charges an annual fee to sign on. In addition, the financial institution needs to have a secure server with the appropriate interfaces, and provide internal support for the service. Most financial institutions choose to participate, but some do not -- due to the cost, added security needed, or feeling relatively few of their customers use Quicken. In any case, your recourse is to pursue this with Marcus. If they hear from enough of their customers complaining about lack of Quicken support, they might change direction. But there's nothing Quicken can do unless the financial institution wants to sign on.
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  • Richard Bowdel
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    Thanks very much. I have emailed Marcus requesting this and waiting for response.
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