Vanguard 401k transactions not downloading

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Lots of topics on Vanguard download errors. My bigger issue is that when I do have a successful update, no transactions from my 401k download. So, the net result is the share balance between Vanguard and Quicken keeps getting larger. Is this specific issue also being worked by Development? Have had this issue for MANY months now.


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    I've corrected your title, and I'll ask a mod to delete your comment about the typo.
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    Update.... I was able to download transactions for the first time today. Might be just luck, but all I did was from Online Center for the Vanguard account, I went to Options and unselected both boxes in WebConnect preferences. Will try again later in the month to see if it works again. For some reason, that allowed direct connections transactions to work.
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    Update..... Found that I had to be logged into Vanguard and refresh the FI Branding Profiles. And then transactions would download.
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    I continue to have Vanguard 401k issues. I will deactivate downloads, reactivate them, link the found account to my existing one, and I will download the last 472 days (it says). Yet it only downloaded the last purchase, but I now have all those placeholder entries for some reason. I will run the update in 20 days, let's say, and it will look as though there is nothing to download and no error code is given. But, I purchase shares with every paycheck, obviously.

    So, what's happening between Vanguard and QUicken?????
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    Looks like my earlier success was a lucky anomaly. I had new transactions post on the 19th on the Vanguard website, but a week later Quicken still does not download these transactions in my 401k. No errors; just no transactions. Have tried every day.
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    Found a new combination that allowed me to download transactions. Reset the DTSTART date and refreshed the FI Branding profiles. I was not logged in at Vanguard at the same time.
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    This workaround has proven to be repeatable....Found a new combination that allowed me to download transactions. Reset the DTSTART date and refreshed the FI Branding profiles. Should also help Quicken pinpoint the problem and fix it.
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    I have this same issue - monitored all the threads here, and I've tried all the various workarounds for the past year or so with no real evidence that Quicken has any answer, other than try things that we've tried before. GTmem your method didn't work for me, Nalgas I have the similar experiences - deactivate/activate worked one time, not the next, then it worked when I tried again.

    I've no interest in speaking with tier one support for extended periods on the phone to work through this, and provide information that I am certain other folks have already provided. Updates from Quicken support on this thread would be useful. Quotes and such come in fine - transactions not so much.
  • More specific example. MS Quicken Premier always updated.

    I have a 401K Vanguard account. I get paid twice per month on the 15th and EOM. Therefore, I make contributions twice per month which in turn generate purchase transactions twice a month. Quicken only downloads the transactions from the EOM activity, not the 15th. This has occurred every month since March 2021.
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    Quicken has no control over what transactions Vanguard downloads. If in Quicken you receive some but not all of the transactions that you see on Vanguard's website, you would need to resolve that with Vanguard's technical support. 

    Another possibility is that your employer is deducting contributions from every paycheck but only sending them to Vanguard once per month. In that case you would see one purchase per month on the Vanguard website, for the total of that month's contributions, and that is what Quicken would download.
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    The issue I am seeing is clearly a handshake problem and I am not sure if either side can resolve on their own.. a new transaction shows up on the Vanguard website. I then go into Quicken an try to download. I get zero transactions back. If I then take the above steps and then download, I get the transactions that match the website. This scenario happens every time a new transaction appears in Vanguard. So, I have a workaround, but i still think this is a Quicken problem because on one case it works and another it does not. The workaround: Reset the DTSTART date (just been using 2/1/2021 from default of 1/1/2021 and refreshed the FI Branding profiles
  • Hello, I was trying to implement the reset DTSTART by using the Tools>Online Center>Cntl+Contact Info. However Vanguard does not show up in the list of Accounts that can be selected to reset DTSTART.
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    that drop down list reflects the account name that you gave that particular account with Vanguard, so it may not show Vanguard unless you actually put that in the account name.
  • Yes sorry for the mistake. I caught it late last night and meant to update my question. Thanks for the response.

    The reset DTSTART and FI details worked and everything downloaded. It is nice to 1-have a clean register and accurate portfolio for once, 2-at least know of a work around. Thanks to all for the assistance.
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    I continue to have the same problem - Vanguard 401K transactions will never download unless I deactivate the online service, log out of Quicken, log back in, re-build the online service - then the missing transactions show up. I'll try the DTSTART and "Financial Institution" reset approach.

    It's quite disappointing that all these work arounds are needed.