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Vanguard 401k transactions not downloading

GTmem Member
Lots of topics on Vanguard download errors. My bigger issue is that when I do have a successful update, no transactions from my 401k download. So, the net result is the share balance between Vanguard and Quicken keeps getting larger. Is this specific issue also being worked by Development? Have had this issue for MANY months now.


  • NotACPA
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    I've corrected your title, and I'll ask a mod to delete your comment about the typo.
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  • GTmem
    GTmem Member
    Update.... I was able to download transactions for the first time today. Might be just luck, but all I did was from Online Center for the Vanguard account, I went to Options and unselected both boxes in WebConnect preferences. Will try again later in the month to see if it works again. For some reason, that allowed direct connections transactions to work.
  • GTmem
    GTmem Member
    Update..... Found that I had to be logged into Vanguard and refresh the FI Branding Profiles. And then transactions would download.
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