Issue with Projected Balances

I use the Projected Balance feature to anticipate account balances throughout the's the main reason I use Quicken over other money management programs. Recently (within the last couple of months) the feature has been giving various errors. Today, while looking ahead for May five regular, monthly transactions are missing from May 1-3. They all appear again for June, but have skipped May for some unknown reason. Some are transfers and some are scheduled ACH payments. I also have bi weekly income that is being skipped for the next scheduled payment. It's scheduled for this Friday, April 9, but doesn't show up in the Projected Balance Upcoming Bills and Income list until two weeks later for the 4/23 payment. I have reset this reminder and even deleted/created it new to still have this error occur. This has been an ongoing issue. I have already deleted many of these transactions and created new versions, but it's still skipping the next scheduled transaction. I can't keep deleting and setting up each month over and over again.