Adding Accounts [Edited]

how to set up accts. Can each acct. have a sub-acct?


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    Please confirm:  Are you asking about adding accounts or adding categories?
    Accounts cannot have sub-accounts.  I'm not even sure what is meant by "sub-accounts".   There is a lot of good information here regarding setting up of various types of accounts:
    Categories can have one or more sub-categories.  You might want to read up on it at
    If these links don't provide the answer you are looking for, please explain more about what you are trying to accomplish so some suggestion(s) can be provided that might better assist you.

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    In accounting, there are 4 and only 4 types of Ledgers:  Asset, Liability, Income and Expense. 
    Q calls Asset and Liability types "Accounts" and Income and Expense types "Categories".
    In Q, no Account can have a "sub- ...", but Categories CAN have sub-cats, and even sub-sub cats, etc.
    SO, in addition to @Boatnmaniac's info, please utilize Quicken HELP, Getting Started Guide for more info.

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