Can’t add American Express - get strange error. Just bought Quicken.

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Can’t add American Express card. Says there is an error, and is telling me to try a different CAPITAL ONE. Why would it say choose a different Capital One when I am trying to add American Express? Have tried multiple times. I can’t seem to add photo here, but the details are:

We are unable to setup your accounts at “American Express”. Please try selecting a different Capital One.
Care Code: ccscrape. 107

Nothing like buying a new product and it doesn’t work from the first minute. Chat, phone, closed so no support. Basically they send us here to figure it out?


  • jacobs
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    Which American Express option are you selecting when you try to add the account?

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  • Pimpvache
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    Don’t have all of those options. I only have , American Express Delta Skymiles, American Express Hong Kong, FSB Bank, Prepaid Car and Amex Gift card.

    I’ve tried with And for the hell of it, I tried every other possible account and none work.
  • jacobs
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    Well, that's strange. You should be seeing the same options I am. Just to confirm, you're using Quicken Mac? Version 6.1.1? And you're selecting Accounts > New > Credit Card?

    I just created a new file, selected the first American Express in the list, got prompted for my AmEx username and password, it connected, identified my AmEx credit card, and downloaded transactions from the past three months.

    So I'm trying to figure out what could be different in your attempt to connect.
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    @Pimpvache - The setup connection links you listed are for Quicken for Windows. But your post was made under Quicken for Mac. Please confirm that your issue is with Quicken for Windows and we can get a Moderator to get your post changed to the correct category.
    Or is your issue related to Quicken on the Web?  The only thing I have found in Community regarding "Care Code" and "ccscrape" error codes has to do with Quicken on the Web.  If your post regards Quicken on the Web you should note that you cannot add or delete accounts with it.  You need to first set them up or delete them on your computer and then synchronize with the Web App.  This is because Quicken on the Web is not a standalone app.  It is a supplemental app designed to be used only in conjunction with the computer-based Quicken program.  At least that is my understanding based upon what I read in Quicken's Help (search for Quicken on the Web FAQ).  There is also other information available at  Since I do not use Quicken on the Web I cannot offer you much more assistance on this.  Perhaps someone else with more expertise with this app can provide more insight.
    Regarding Quicken Support:  Quicken Support has hours of operation, just like many other companies.  Quicken Community is a forum of users and is a great supplement to Quicken Support, especially when it is outside of Support's hours of operation.  Quicken is not alone in using this type of support structure since many other tech companies do the same thing, including Microsoft, many tax software programs, HP, Dell, etc.

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