Does Quicken Starter Plan Have This?

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Hey there,

I use one feature in my current quicken plan (Deluxe) quite a bit. It allows me to track total expenses over 30 days, 90 days, custom dates, all time, etc. The image included shows how the feature appears to me.

Can anyone tell me whether their Quicken Starter Plan (Cost: $39.99) has this same feature?

Thanks so much!



  • goboso
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    Here is a Screen Shot so you can see what I'm talking about.
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    I would suggest that instead getting the Starter edition with all its limitations, you instead look for a better price for the Deluxe edition at a retailer like Office Depot (currently $42).
    This is my website:
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    Thanks, Chris--you are so appreciated! I actually am of a certain age, which means that ordering from the same source every year keeps things consistent and easy because I know who to go to should I have an issue. I have used Quicken for years, and have done investing with Fidelity for years, and I have a good balance between the two of them with access everything (tool-wise) that I need. I honestly don't need the extra Quicken features, except for the one I asked about. Hoping someone can help me out with that info...
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    Quicken Starter Edition is the same program, with some functionality turned off. You can't do annual budgets, loans (in an automated way), pay bills with Quicken's online bill payment options, or track investment transactions.

    Many people "of a certain age" want Quicken to be able to track transactions in their investments and retirement accounts. If you do, then you need Quicken Deluxe. Think of Starter as basically a checkbook program for banking and credit card accounts -- and if that's all you need and use, then perhaps Starter will be okay for you. 

    Also be aware that with Starter Edition, should you fail to renew your subscription at any point, the program becomes "read only" -- you can see what was previously entered, but not enter anything new or edit transactions. With Deluxe, should your subscription lapse, you lose online downloads, but you can still enter transactions manually. 

    For these various reasons, most of us here generally recommend Deluxe over Starter for the majority of users. But if you truly need only to manage your checking, savings and credit card accounts, then Starter might be okay and save you a few dollars a year.

    (Expanding on what Chris wrote: currently at Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot, the difference in cost is $36 for Starter  versus $42 for Deluxe, only $6 different. These are digital downloads, but you don't even need to download the software again if you're using a relatively recent version; you'll get an activation code when you purchase from any of these retailers, and you simply copy and paste it into your existing account to add a year to your current subscription.)
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  • Khen
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    I had the same question and this is great information. However, I noticed at Best Buy the download version says "new subscribers." Will this prevent me from adding the activation code to my account?
  • jacobs
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    @Khen just to be clear, Starter Edition and purchases marked for “New Subscribers Only” are two separate issues.

    The “New Subscribers Only” labels on some retail packages is something relatively new. I don’t think we know whether it will prevent you from adding the activation code to and existing Quicken account, as it implies, or if it’s purely marketing to dissuade existing users from buying a discounted retail copy instead of a full-priced renewal directly from Quicken. I have not seen any posts from users on this forum who have purchased such a copy and confirmed this one way or the other.
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