Wrong online balance

I canot rely on quicken the online balance is always wrong, I think is because this software is not pulling the pending transactions from the bank. Is this going to be Fix? Or is it a work around?


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    Quicken SHOULD NOT pull pending transactions ... not until they're actually posted to your account.
    Pending's frequently change prior to posting, a pending charge from a restaurant prior to you're adding a tip being the classic example.
    It's NOT going to be fixed, because it's working properly.
    You'll just need to adjust your expectations.

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    Well I think there might more to this than just @Jvzaga's expectations.

    Note It is correct that the transactions sent to Quicken shouldn't have the pending transactions, but it is incorrect to include them in the online balance.

    With some financial institutions the online balance isn't "consistent".
    As in it might include the pending transactions when it shouldn't.

    For accounts setup as Direct Connect/Web Connect, only the financial institution can fix the problem.

    For accounts setup as Express Web Connect you need to contact Quicken support and have them track down the problem.
    Contact Quicken Support
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