Guideline 401(k) - Request to add Quicken Connection

I do not see an option to support web/express/direct connection with Guideline 401(k). They support syncing Guideline accounts to third-party sites such as Mint or Personal Capital, why not quicken?

Thanks - David


  • NotACPA
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    The decision as to whether to offer connectivity thru Quicken is ENTIRELY that of the financial institution (Guideline).
    Bug them.
    Q can't provide the ability to download until Guideline has signed the contract with Q/Intuit to provide such service.
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    That contract with Quicken costs the FI money, both in fees giving them the right to use Quicken's/Intuit's proprietary process and in tech support for set up and maintenance within their own system.  At least up until now they have decided that it is not a cost they want to incur.
    That all being said, if Guideline allows for transaction downloads in QIF format, you could try manually downloading in that format and use a program like ImportQIF to modify the file into something Quicken can import.  ImportQIF is a freeware program developed by one of the long term Quicken Community members.  It can be downloaded from  I personally have not used the program but I have seen many others say they have and that it works well for them.

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  • Gil_B
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    Guideline's does provide the ability to allow 3rd Part Platforms to have access to their data.

    From: Guidelines
    Third Party Access
    To sync your Guideline account to a third party site such as Mint or Personal Capital, Guideline suggests you utilize this system-generated password rather than your standard password. System-generated passwords add an additional layer of security by limiting third party access to basic information such as balances and transaction history.
    The password used to access your personal Guideline account will not be affected.
  • Tyson Dexter
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    So there is no way to include/import my Guideline 401k plan into Quicken for Windows?
  • Boatnmaniac
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    So there is no way to include/import my Guideline 401k plan into Quicken for Windows?
    Does Guideline offer the ability to download transactions from your 401k account in QIF format?  If so you could try setting up your 401k account as a manual account in Quicken, then downloading/saving the QIF file from Guideline, modifying and then saving that QIF file and then manually importing that modified file into Quicken.  I had a 401k account held at PayFlex several years ago and it worked quite well for me.  
    There are two methods I know of for modifying the QIF file:
    • Download and install ImportQIF (  Its a freeware program developed by a long-time Quicken user and one of the more active Quicken Community members.  It modifies the QIF file so it can be imported into Quicken.  I have not used this program myself but others have posted in this forum that it works quite well.
    • There is another manual process using Notepad for converting a QIF file so that it can be imported into Quicken:  I used this process with an unsupported 401K account for several years and it worked quite well for me.  Once I got the process nailed down I could download the QIF, modify it in Notepad, save the file and then import it in just a couple of minutes so it was pretty fast.
    If this doesn't work for you and since Guideline does not support Quicken, the only other way I know of to include your 401k account in Quicken is to set it up as a manual 401k account and manually enter all the transactions.

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