net worth report - can you sub-total

any suggestions on how to sub-total the net worth report. i have both stock investments and 401k accounts, but in the net worth report, it groups them all under "investments", why cant quicken sub-total retirement vs. other investments in this report as it askes for retirement vs. investment type accounts. thank for any suggestions


  • Tom Young
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    Neither of the balance sheet reports - Net Worth or Account Balances - allow for this sort of customization.  They are very much hard wired in this regard.  The only suggestion I can make is to export either report to Excel and then make the distinction between retirement and non-retirement investment Accounts over there.
  • MG99
    MG99 Member
    thanks. appreciate the response. as quicken is always making updates, not sure why this couldnt be a simple enhancement since they already have the various account categories.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Or of course you could save two reports, one customized to include just your taxable accounts and one for the retirement accounts.
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