Two Quicken Files but Download brings one file's accounts into another.

I have two quicken files and when I download I get info for both files even though the accounts are not in the file I am working within. So suddenly Accounts for file # 2 are listed within accounts of file # 1... these accounts are all at same bank. I have one quicken ID but when I set up files I only put the accounts that belong with file # 1 in #1 and Files for #2 in #2.

Since I am in File # 1 file when the download occurs and this random information from file #2 is downloaded... can I simply delete this information in File 1 without corrupting File 2?
The exact task in mind is on File #1 when extraneous account gets downloaded, can I simply right click and delete account within file # 1? Back up close then open file #2 and here, where the accounts are suppose to exist... they will still exist?

I am hoping that I can do this work around because I cannot understand why this download continues to happen. Thank you.


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    How did you create the second data file?
    Did you use File -> New Quicken File?

    If you just did any kind of copy there is a unique Id in the data file that will get copied that won't change.
    That unique Id is used to determine what "Quicken cloud data set" to sync with.

    If you copy a data file and then start modifying it, and sync both of those data files it will get "confused" and do strange things like this.

    Note these days "syncing" isn't just the "sync to Mobile/Web".  Any account setup for Express Web Connect is doing the same kind of sync.
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    @BigBaby - There is an easy way to find out if you had copied the original file to create the 2nd file and are sharing a common Cloud Account between them. 
    1. In one file go to Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web > Sync = On > OK > Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts > Cloud accounts associated with his Quicken ID.  Look for and make note of the Cloud Account Name with the asterisk (*) before it.  Then click on Close and if you want go to Mobile & Web > Sync = Off > OK.
    2. Open the other file and go through the same process.
    If the Cloud Account Name for both files is the same, then one of your files started out as a copy of the other.  If this is the case, then I think the only way to ensure that the problem goes away is to create a new Quicken file to replace one of the files you currently have. 
    If the Cloud Account Names for both files are different, then the issue is caused by something other than sharing a common Cloud Account. 
    Let us know what you found out about the Cloud Account Names and we can help to walk you through the next steps.

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