How do I delete a bank account that I no longer use

Try as I may I am unable to delete a no longer used bank account with a bank that I no longer use. any advice?


  • NotACPA
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    Don't delete that account.  Use Q functions to CLOSE the account (TOOLS, Account List, click EDIT adjacent to the account name, check HIDE Account and CLOSE Account.
    NOTE that this will ZERO out the account, if it's not already $0

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  • ATKuruda
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    Well I finally figured it out and the account is gone.
  • Ps56k2
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    ... Edit Account --> bottom area --> Delete Account

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Just so it is clear what the ramifications is of deleting an account.
    1. Your net worth over time and such reports will now be incomplete.
    2. If that account has any transfers to another account the "link" will be broken and when you look at that other account the transfer will have a category of [Unspecified Account].
    So unless the account is created by mistake, it is recommended that you don't remove accounts, simply make sure they are zeroed out, and hide them or you can use the close account function, but note that function can't currently be reversed.
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  • oldngrmpy1
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    I wish the phrase "Delete Account", would be discontinued and replaced by "Discontinue Account", as I sit here saying Oh NO after reading the ATKuruda discusssion, as I've been there & done fun!