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Hi, I added my Venmo account recently to my Quicken. I like having Venmo attached as opposed to only seeing them deducted from my bank because Venmo shows transaction details, but now the transactions are duplicating--posting as deductions from both my checking account (where the Venmo money comes from) and my Venmo account. How can I make it so that Quicken shows just one transaction? Thanks.


  • merryheart
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    Ah it's more complicated than I thought--I deleted the duplicates but from the checking account, and now my checking account balance is off because it's not seeing the transactions.

    also the same duplicate thing is happening with my student loan--the transactions are showing twice, once as a deduction from my checking account and once from the loan itself. so the overall balance is off, but if I delete transactions, then my checking account balance is off.

    Please let me know if anyone knows of a way to sync these? ah I'm confused
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    Hello @merryheart

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue although, I apologize that you have not received a response.

    It sounds like these transactions need to be entered as transactions. To enter a transfer, the category will need to be edited to include the transfer to the account name.

    In this example, the money is from the checking account and is being transferred to the brokerage account.

    Please let me know if editing the transaction in this manner displays the transactions and balance accurately.

    -Quicken Tyka
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    @merryheart Are you downloading your transactions both from Venmo and your checking account? When transactions download from a financial institution, they don't -- they can't -- contain information about your other accounts; they can only show what happened in their world. Tyka's response above shows how in Quicken, you can have one transaction exist in both accounts at once, which is what you want. (Her screenshot is Quicken Windows, but it's essentially the same in Quicken Mac.)

    So what to do about those downloaded transactions? since your Venmo transactions are not something regular and scheduled, the simplest answer is to enter the transfer the transaction in one account or the other, and delete the other transaction.

    You could try entering the transaction manually, complete with the transfer, before downloading, and hopefully the download from each account will auto-match with the manual transaction. But there's a chance you'd need to manually drag the downloaded transaction over the manually-entered transaction to get them to merge, but if that's the case, you're probably doing more work than if you entered one transaction and deleted the other. ;)
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    MerryHeart described it perfectly....that is exactly what is happening. There must be a solution not mentioned here otherwise hundreds of people would be asking the same questions as MerryHeart and I. Is there not a simple solution to this.
    FYI, I have been going thru all my Venmo (and PayPal too) transactions one by one on the Venmo section and adding an *V before each one as a code to say it is actual Venmo transaction when I see it on my banking data. Then I put the duplicates in their own category not to be used. Not idea!
    Hope someone else has a simple solution.
  • merryheart
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    I agree, SFTanguera! Going through and manually reentering transactions doesn’t seem like the final solution. I am sure a lot of people have Venmo and bank accounts and my guess is there is another way around this. Manually reentering a whole bunch of transactions each month sort of defeats the purpose of why I signed up for quicken. Anyone else out there have a workaround for this?

    (I was not suggesting my bank transactions ought to reflect the tags of my Venmo purchases—I was just saying that having Venmo attached to Quicken is helpful because I can see identifying information about the transactions.)
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