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used windows version for several years and have just converted to MAC. User interface is totally different is there an online user guide?


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    In Quicken, click menu Help > Quicken Help. There's a lot of info there.
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    @artfam Yes, the user interface is a bit different than Quicken Windows, so it's a bit jarring at first -- and many Quicken Windows users have an immediate knee-jerk negative reaction to the differences (grin). Once you use it awhile, you will hopefully find it's at least okay, if not actually like it better. (I'm a longtime Quicken Mac user, and when the legacy Quicken Mac 2007 product gave way to the modern Quicken Mac, I originally desperately wanted the old 2-line register back -- but over time, I flipped my opinion and now greatly prefer the interface of modern Quicken to the older program. But I still make some mistakes in data entry as I have more than two decades of muscle memory with the old software to reprogram in my eye-brain-hand coordination!)

    If you're just trying to jump in, I suggest you seek out some videos and other getting started materials to introduce you to the user interface and basic operations. 

    Quicken has this getting started guide on their website. 

    A fellow user compiled a list of other Quicken Mac training resources.

    I especially recommend the videos made by a fellow Quicken Mac user when the new Quicken Mac came out in 2015. There have been some changes to the interface since then, but the basic concepts and look of things like registers are largely the same as today, and seeing them in a video can be very helpful.

    Also, Quicken now has a program for new users to a subscription Quicken product where you can sign up for a one-hour phone/screen sharing one-on-one training session with a Quicken Support staff member to help you get started. To sign up for this program, called Quicken 1-2-3, click here

    After you've done some of those basics, I think you'll be a lot more comfortable with the new Quicken Mac… and then you can come back to this forum if you have how-to questions, many of which have doubtless been asked and answered before by other new users.

    As I said at the top, there is a learning curve to the new Quicken Mac, especially for anyone who has spend many years using a different version of Quicken. Give yourself time to learn how to do things you're used to in the new environment, and hopefully you'll find yourself getting more comfortable and faster after a little bit. There are still some features I miss from Quicken Mac 2007, and you will undoubtedly find some features you miss form Quicken Windows -- many of which I hope will eventually be programmed into Quicken Mac. There are some things I like much better about the modern version; and there are some things that are neither better nor worse, just different.

    Best wishes!

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