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I have been Tracking some Individual Stocks and Quicken od course Updates their Stock Price and includes those Stocks in my Net Worth report.  I see every Stock in the net worth Lists.....

The stocks are now being transferred to a Vanguard Brokerage acct.  The Vanguard brokerage acct will be added to Quicken and will update thru One Step Update.  In Order NOT to duplicate the stocks value twice in my Net Worth (once as Individual Entries in Q/the other via VanGuard OSU connection...what is the Best way?

Would not want to DELETE the Individual Stock Registers....would lose History.

Do not want to uncheck in Security list not to download quotes on these to be Transferred stocks to Vanguard on a OSU....

So what is the Best way to not delete the Individual stock registers, allow the stocks to Update Quotes...BUT, in Net Worth or any Investing Report...exclude these Stock Values being included in any report...to avoid the Values being duplicated in my Networth


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    You should record the transactions in the exact same way that your current broker and Vanguard will record them.
    If the shares themselves will be transferred to Vanguard my guess is that your current brokerage will do a Remove Shares transaction and that Vanguard will do an Add Shares transaction.  So, do a Remove Shares transaction in your current investment account and do an Add Shares transaction in your new Vanguard investment account.  A Remove Shares transaction will not delete the security transactions or pricing history...it just removes shares on a specific date so all the prior history is retained but the new balance is reduced or eliminated.  The Add Shares transactions in the Vanguard account will simply add the shares back in to your investment portfolio but in the new investment account.
    If, however, your current brokerage will Sell all shares and transfer the cash to Vanguard, then Vanguard will need to do a Buy transaction.  This is a less common arrangement because it causes a tax event in the current brokerage (the sale of shares) resulting in Capital Gains or Losses.  So the usual process is to do the Remove Shares/Add Shares transactions which is not a taxable event....and causes no loss of transactions or security price history.
    Note:  The dates of the transactions at your current broker and at Vanguard might be a little different from each other and if this happens then it will cause a short-term impact in Net Worth.  If you do not want that to happen then I suggest manually adjusting the transaction date in your current broker account to match the date of the transaction at Vanguard so the 2 transactions will offset each other on the same day making the whole process transparent to the Net Worth report.
    Once the old brokerage account has had all securities and cash removed, then you might want to consider closing (not deleting) the old brokerage account.  Closing the account will retain all the brokerage account history (including in Net Worth) but deleting the account will result in the loss of all that history (including in Net Worth) and it can mess up the history of other accounts that had transfer transactions to/from that brokerage account.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    The current shares are actually held at a Custodian Trust Company and that institution activities is not connectable\down loadable  into Quicken hence is why I have each stock created as an individual Stock in an individual Register in Quicken.  The Transfer is being done in Like Kind...so there is no Selling and Buying.   One day they will be in the Custodian and days later they will be in the Vanguard Brokerage acct.  When I use Quicken to download from Vanguard and the stocks are at vanguard....my Holdings at Vanguard will show the stocks, number of shares...and also Money Make Funds in the Brokerage Settlement MMF.  
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    This is a duplicate discussion. Please see this discussion for the main thread
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    Just so everyone knows....this is a duplicate because I entered it yesterday Morning (4/25/21) and when I did not get any responses by last night I went to look for it and could not find it....so I entered the 2nd Post...and mentioned in that 2nd Post it might end up being duplicated...thanks
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