Is license in the quicken application or the data file?

I two different accounts on my Mac and want to use quicken in each account with the different license. Is that possible>


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    Hello @edmontoncanuck

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. Could we get a bit more clarification here on the issue you're having. Are you trying to use two different versions of Quicken? Any sort of clarification will help us with seeing what we're able to accomplish to get you up and running,

    Once you get the chance please let us know more and we'll see what we can do.


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    One Q License, and One instance of the Q program, can run multiple Q data files.  I have 6 Q data files.
    SO, it's not apparent what you're asking, or trying to do.
    Please clarify.

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    What do you mean by 2 different accounts?  User accounts?  Quicken accounts?  Bank accounts?

    First of all let's get the terminology right so we're all on the same page.

    FILES - Your data is kept in a separate data FILE (and not in the program).   In the data File you have all your accounts.  You can have more than one File like a  separate file for your parents or children or a club. Recent Files opened should be listed at the bottom of the FILE menu item.  Go to FILE - NEW QUICKEN FILE  to setup another data file. When you do a backup it only backs up the file currently open.  You get the whole data file and all the accounts in that one file.

    ACCOUNTS - You can have many accounts in a File like a checking account, savings, credit card, asset, investment. Accounts are listed down the side in the Account Bar. You can do Ctrl+A or go to TOOLS - ACCOUNT LIST to bring up the Account listing.  You do not backup Accounts separately.  

    CATEGORIES - There is 1 Category list for all the accounts in your file.  It starts out with a list of common Categories but you can add your own categories and delete ones you don't need.  You can also have Sub Categories.  If you have a business you need to assign a category to a Schedule C tax line for it to show up on business reports.

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    Sorry, I wasn't clear. Two different user accounts. I understand that data is separate from the application, but it seems the licensing is attached to the application rather than the data file.
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    Even in one user account, can I have data files attached to different quicken logins?
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    @edmontoncanuck The data file is what is tied to a QuickenID, which is tied to your subscription. Are you saying you want to have two separate Quicken IDs and two different subscriptions? Because with one Quicken ID, you can have multiple separate data files, whether in one Mac user account or different ones. The only reason for having multiple Quicken IDs and multiple separate subscriptions for Quicken Mac that I can think of is if you want to use the mobile app/web interface and insure that the user of one file cannot gain access to the other file; is that your goal?
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