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I have an automated income transaction. I have split the transaction with a negative amount of federal tax withdrawn. The result is a net deposit. Problem is that I mistakenly assigned the tax to the wrong category. When I try to change the category Quicken tells me that it is a duplicate category. The category does exist but all I want to do is reassign. Quicken seems to dislike the fact the this category already exists. Am I doing something wrong, or does this seem to be a bug?


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    Adding a new category using the exact same Category Name of an existing category won't work.
    In Tools / Category List, have you tried to just Edit the incorrect category and assign the correct Tax Line Item to it?
    What is the name of the category which you're trying to change?

  • The category is 2021 Fed Tax. The screen says Change, and no mention that you have to add a new category. In other words it seems a bit misleading. In any case, I don't want to lose what I already have assigned to 2021 Fed Tax. Is there any way to change the assignment?
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    I need to see which "screen says Change" and what, exactly, it is that you want to change from "____" to "_____"?

    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue, sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?

    Please save images to files of file type PNG, JPG, or GIF only. They're easier to work with than PDF files.

  • The attached image is a copy of the screen.
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    Do me a favor, please, and show me the Tools / Category List showing the definitions for "Tax:Fed" and all its subcategories, including the subcategories for "2020 Fed Tax" and "2021 Fed Tax". I need to see if they're all correctly defined.
    BTW, if correctly defined, it shouldn't be necessary to have separate subcategories for each tax year. A category named something like "Federal Estimated Tax Payments", with Tax Line Item "Form 1040:Federal estimated tax, qrtlry " should suffice and, if needed, prompt you for Tax Year.
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    The screen shot is of the Tax Planner details section that shows which categories are assigned to the tax line associated with that section of the planner.  In your case, you assigned the category Tax:Fed:2020 Fed Tax to the Tax line for Quarterly Estimated taxes; most likely an incorrect tax line assignment when the category was created. The screen you show is not a category reassignment screen.

    Do you mean you mistakenly assigned the wrong tax line to a category? If so go to the Category List under the Tools menu and edit the category by assigning the desired tax line to it. My guess would be something like a fed tax withheld tax line for an IRA or pension, depending on the exact nature of the income being received.

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