Why? After doing an update to my MacBook Air Operating system Quicken stops working!

I have been using Quicken for many years, now on a MAC. I install the program and it works fine, then I get an update to the operating system from Apple, when I next try Quicken it loads ok? I think? but will not run. I have this every Mac update, when I reinstall Quicken it works for a while then stops.


  • lernerfilm
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    my powermac required an OS update and nowQuicken essentials which i have been running since 2013 no longer opens. what should i do
  • jacobs
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    @lernerfilm Quicken Essentials has been discontinued software for about 5 years. It will not run on any Mac operating system beyond El Capitan (10.11). You will either need to revert to your previous operating system or upgrade to Quicken Mac. The current Quicken Mac was developed from the core code and interface of Essentials, and while there have been a lot of enhancements and changes over the years, you will find it similar to what you're used to.

    @jtifft It would help to know what version of macOS you were using, what version you updated to, and what version of Quicken you are now using. Assuming we're talking about the modern version of Quicken Mac, I have never experienced a Mac update requiring a re-installation of Quicken Mac.
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    I have the latest version of Apple OS and have the latest version of Quicken for the Mac, just updated it. I have been using it for a week, then I got an update to Apple OS and complied with it, Quicken seems to load but will not open. Now I've been using Quicken for several years, but three years ago changed to all Apple products, and I have purchased Quicken for the Mac ever since. I have the exact same problem with it each time I do an update to the OS. I have had to Un-install Quicken and re-install it and transfer my files. Lately my bank has a new way they work with Quicken also creating a problem. You must be online with them to update my accounts. So lately Quicken is really only a backup to the online of my bank.
  • jtifft
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    To that first question, what is Quicken Essentials?, never heard of it. I have the latest download from Quicken.com. The second question, it seems some folks never update their Mac systems, but I do, I run the latest OS offered. And complete the update downloads automatically as they come out.
  • jacobs
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    @jtifft  Here's the short history of the last 15 years of Quicken Mac, and where Quicken Essentials fits in… After the developers at then-parent company Intuit realized back in 2006 that they faced an eventual dead end with some of the 20 year-old technologies that were used in Quicken Mac at that time, they decided they had no choice but to start over with all-new code that used the latest Apple frameworks for the modern Mac operating system.

    They first tried to create a very different, reimagined financial management software called Quicken Financial Life -- which never made it out of beta testing. After more time in development building a more traditional approach to Quicken, the developers were still a long way from the finish line when a new chief executive decided they couldn’t spend years in development without releasing something. They decided to release a subset of Quicken, a sort of "Quicken Lite", which would meet the needs of at least some users who didn't need to track their investments. Quicken Essentials came out in 2010 and was roundly criticized as inadequate for many Quicken users. The head of Quicken under former parent company Intuit said they'd have a full-featured Quicken Deluxe ready to come to market within a year -- but shortly thereafter he left and there was more management turmoil at Intuit. Mac development ground to a halt for a couple years.

    Finally, Intuit decided they should commit to building out a full Quicken Mac -- but they allocated money for only a handful of developers. From 2012 to 2014, the small team worked to modernize some of the core code in Essentials, which again needed changes to keep up with macOS, and to add investing functionality. Quicken Mac 2015 launched in fall 2014 as a modernized and expanded version of Essentials -- but it still lacked many of the features in Quicken 2007 or Quicken Windows. Quicken management acknowledged it wouldn't yet meet the needs of all users, but promised to continue adding features as quickly as they could. Over the past nearly 7 years, the development team has worked to add key functionality to the program. When Quicken became independent of Intuit 5 years ago, the size of the Mac development team supposedly doubled, but it's still a fairly small team, and combined with the complexity of the Quicken code and data structure, forward progress has been steady but slower than Quicken management -- and users -- expected.


    Back to your original post, I don't understand what you mean that "I next try Quicken it loads ok? I think? but will not run." When you say it loads, what exactly happens -- and what doesn't happen that it doesn't run? Does the program launch? Does your Quicken window open? Do you get any error message? And then you say you reinstall the Quicken application and "it works for a while then stops." Again, it would help to know exactly what happens when you're saying it stops after awhile. It's hard to offer any suggestions without a better understanding of what you're encountering. 

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  • Ps56k2
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    jtifft said:
    I have the latest version of Apple OS and have the latest version of Quicken for the Mac, just updated it.
    You should always indicate the actual name of each -
    which MacOS "name" -
    and which release number of Quicken

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