how do I find my "original"file

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I've been out of commission since October so have only updated a few of my accts, banks, couple of credit cards. In March I upgraded to Premium from Deluxe but did not try to install it til today not realizing that my delux file was not active at all. I called support and he walked me through reactivating my existing file as Premium. Then I asked him to stay on the phone while I did a manual year to date update on a credit card to make sure all was working correctly. It showed a popup box with the correct balance but the account then only showed records up to July , 2020 which was not correct-the inactive file before had shown entries in Jan, this year. But since the acct had changed #'s and I had needed to link it, I figured I had sent it to the wrong acct or that it had created a new acct since the balance was correct to the penny. Could not find it anywhere. In the meantime I pulled up my acct on the web. It showed entries as late as Feb 2, 2021. Not one of my saved files show those late datesnow but it did before I moved to the upgraded version. The CS said I wouldn't be able to see that on line. I told him I was looking at it -said that wasn't possible, I would have to go back to my "original" file and sync it. I asked him if he could go in the "backdoor" and figure out what was going on like Support had done once before and he acted like he had no clue so thanked him for his help and gave up. NOW WHAT DO I DO?


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    Hello @keyssandi,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community to tell us about your issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    If you haven't already, I suggest you try and search your computer hard drive for data and backup files through your Windows File Explorer. To do so, open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to This PC > C: Drive (or OS C:), then use the search field on the top-right and search " .QDF " (see below).

    See if the search will find any data and/or backup files. 

    Please, check back and let us know what you find! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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    keyssandi said: I've been out of commission since October ....  NOW WHAT DO I DO?
    Wow - how many different issues can be mentioned in the same single paragraph posting - where do we begin ??
    - Upgrade to Prem from Dlx - but not installed - you don't have to install anything new, it's just a change to your Quicken Account info.... unless you also need a more recent version of the Quicken software
    - File not active - have no idea what that even means or what Quicken Support did to make it "active"
    - download Credit Card info YTD - ... but BTW, the acct number changed - but balance was ok, but only transactions up to July 2020... but had seen more recent ones previous to "upgrade"
    - looking at "saved files" showed more recent activity

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