Scheduled Transaction Schedule, every 6 weeks (Q Mac)

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  • Jim3
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    I have Quicken Premier 2020 on my Mac and I am only given a fixed set of choices. I too want to select every 6 weeks and choose 4 weeks which will be a pain to figure out which ones to skip and which ones to adjust (i.e., adjust every 2nd of 3 instances to 2 weeks later and skip every 3rd of 3 instances). Unless there is a better solution I will probably delete the whole series and go back to manual entry each time. Here is a screen shot of my choices. I hope someone has an answer or that Quicken adds a more flexible feature to allow any number of weeks, days, or months.
  • RickO
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    From the popup menu, choose "Weekly" instead of "Every Four Weeks":

    Then you'll be able to set a 6-week recurring schedule:

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